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Traditional vs. Organic Land Care

One of the main principles of organic gardening is to promote biodiversity and ecosystems within your own personal space. Sounds great, but how is it different from traditional lawn and garden care?

Traditional Landscaping

  • Product based systems
  • Focus on plant, flower and fruit production
  • Restricts natural diversity
  • Synthetic or natural fertilizers and pesticides with or without prescription
  • Reactive — but can be preventative
  • Easy application — read/follow instructions
  • Maintained through non-renewable resources
  • Focus on immediate results

Organic Land Care

  • Mimics natural systems
  • Builds/preserves healthy soils — which in turn produces healthy plants
  • Increases biodiversity
  • Prescribed natural supplements (No GMOs)
  • Proactive
  • Requires basic understanding of applicable sciences
  • Sustainable through locally available natural resources
  • Focus on long-term results

Although not all-encompassing the comparison above should give you something to think about. Both will achieve a similar visual result — a beautiful landscape. The question is: how does your garden grow?

What Gardens Are can do

  • Meet with you to prepare a customized lawn and landscape plan
  • Design and install a sustainable low-maintenance landscape
  • Provide organic land care for your property