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A Little Bit About Our Company

what we do & why we do it

Change the way people view the landscape, one property at a time.

This has been our philosophy since we started Gardens Are in 1999. We have provided customers with outdoor living environments that are not only beautiful, but manageable and sustainable. And we have done it without the use of harsh chemicals, with a deep respect for the natural world, and very close attention to detail.

We set out on an adventure armed with the idea that we could cause change through organics. We had seen the adverse effects of chemicals firsthand and knew that we could make a difference by bringing the focus back to what nature intended.

We worked toward the concept of landscaping based upon these simple ideas:

  • Plants grow best in their native habitat
  • Fertilizers and soil amendments are only justified when they are truly needed
  • Attention to details bring about the most stunning results.

And so it began. We made it work, one property at a time. We built our business around the (at the time) unproven concept of organic landscaping and gardening. The results spoke for themselves. The business slowly expanded and today we offer landscape consulting, design, construction and maintenance services for homesteads to campuses.